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Are you read to reclaim your health? True health is a marathon, not a sprint, thus a long-term relationship is needed for true change to happen.  ​We believe the root cause goes many layers deep, thus we follow the Happy Hormones Hierarchy of Health for every client. For example we cannot best balance female hormones, without first addressing gut health, nutrition status, blood sugar regulation, inflammation, and others.  You can't build a house on sinking sand!  It's imperative to start with the basics for lasting results, and incorporate functional testing to uncover underlying factors and generate targeted strategies.  Guessing doesn't solve problems.   


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Seeing changes in holistic health is much different than the allopathic approach, where taking medication will yield results almost immediately.  Changes are slower and depend on your level of commitment to implementing recommended diet and lifestyle changes.  Reaching your goals requires planning, discipline and a true commitment to change.  You cannot fix a problem by continuing the same path.  Habits, diet, and lifestyle changes take time, thus a long term, frequent relationship is required in order to provide the highest service to you. It is our goal to have a long-term relationship with you to aid in lifelong changes that will positively impact your health.  Thus, we have 2 options in working together:

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The Full Program

This is the most comprehensive program for maximum success, allowing for us to be hands on in your journey for change and optimal health.  Education is a huge piece to making sustained changes.  The goal is for you to understand why you are doing what you are doing, and the philosophy behind the suggestions and recommendations. Diet and lifestyle changes take time to form new habits, thus we are with you over the course of 6 months to help instill change slowly.


This program is perfect for clients that are willing to agree to put in the work required for success, including food logging and completing “homework” before your next session.  We require that you are 100% ready to make lifestyle and diet changes, complete homework and food logs, and commit to meeting routinely so that we can track progress and make necessary interventions.  If you are not yet ready for this level of commitment, but still want to gain the knowledge and understanding of your biochemistry, we recommend you start with Discovery and Education Only.

  • Initial Appointment 

  • Functional Laboratory Testing*

  • 2 Lab Review Appointments 

  • 6 x 30–45-minute Appointments 

  • Review of current diet and supplements

  • Diet, Lifestyle, Supplement Recommendations

  • Unlimited email support between meetings

*Not included in package price

Discovery & Education

This package is perfect for the person that is self-driven and able to implement recommended changes on their own.

This includes an initial consultation, and then a 60-90 minute follow up consultation to review labs.  The initial consultation includes extensive intake and review of medical history.  Functional labs are ordered to best suit your case.  Lab results usually take an average of 4 weeks to come in.  We meet for a second meeting after all labs are in to discuss findings and a proposed plan of action, including customized supplementation and diet. 


If help with implementation is required, then a follow-up package of 6 x 30–45-minute sessions is required.   Lab review appointments will be charged at the price of $250 and are not included in the package of 6. We will no longer be offering individual meetings outside of a package as we have found the clients success rate to be very low.

  • Initial Appointment 

  • Functional Laboratory Testing*

*Not included in package price

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Not ready to commit yet to a program?  Check out our DIY Online Program - it's a great starting point!

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