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As a woman, you deserve to have vibrancy at every age - feeling energized, at your optimal weight, sleeping soundly, and feeling mentally well.  Many women are told "your labs look normal" when they still feel like something is off.  By using functional testing and a nutrition-based holistic approach, you can uncover the root causes keeping you from feeling your best. 

Happy Hormones is dedicated to helping women achieve natural hormone balance through customized nutrition, digestive wellness, and lifestyle changes - all designed to help you achieve your health goals.  Uncover the root causes keeping you from your ideal health, and get help implementing effective strategies to improve your well-being and bring your hormones back into balance. 

  • Fatigue

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Poor sleep

  • Digestive problems

  • Anxiety or irritability

  • Food Intolerances & Allergies

  • Fertility issues

  • Irregular or heavy periods

  • Food cravings

  • Stress

Hi I'm Stacey

I'm a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist®, Certified Dietary Supplement Specialist and functional wellness provider on a mission to help woman to thrive (not just survive!).

I combine my background in nutrition with functional wellness testing and genetics to help you transform into the woman you hope to be. Beyond hormones, I also have special training and certification in:

- Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

- Nutrigenomics

- Lyme and Coinfections

- GI Health

- Functional Immunology and Autoimmunity

​I work one on one with women in a very comprehensive approach, and only take a handful of new clients.  Click below to learn how we can work together.

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Empower yourself with the knowledge to be your best self.  Subscribe to my weekly emails to gain insight into all things hormones, natural health, proper nutrition and gut health.  Each week I cover a different topic to educate you on the best nutrition strategies, supplements, functional lab testing and more so you can make better, informed decisions surrounding your health.

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