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Sale Branding
Sale Branding

The Semi-Annual Sale

The FullScript supplement sale is coming and I want you to take advantage of it!  Mark your calendars for August 23-25 and reap additional savings on every supplement on their site - thousands of high quality products only available through healthcare practitioners. And along with this, I am offering a discounted consultation just for you, to be sure you are getting the most out of your supplement choices.

How do I take advantage of the sale?

First, grab a FullScript account HEREYou don't have to be a client to get an account, and you'll automatically get 10% off retail for life (15% off during the sale!).  If you already have an account, then the discount will automatically apply if you order between August 23 and 25. Stock up on all the savings!

Take advantage of my sale - Book a Supplement Consultation for only $79 before August 23 so that you're all set and ready to order the supplements that are right for you!  After our consultation, you'll take advantage of 20% off all supplements for life (plus the additional 5% during the sale).  


What is included in the consultation and how does it work?


This zoom or phone consultation primarily focuses on discussing the supplements you currently take.  We discuss what they do inside your body, their benefits and potential problems, and what alternative brand or formulation you could switch to that would be higher quality and be more readily absorbed by the body. 


As an added bonus, prior to the appointment, you will gain access to the Nutri-Q, the most comprehensive nutritional analysis tool available to help identify areas or body systems that need the most nutritional support.  From that analysis, you will get a customized supplement recommendation.

Please note: this is not a comprehensive consultation and does not include diagnosis of any kind, diet recommendations, nor extensive review of medical history or previous lab findings.   For a more comprehensive appointment, please consider booking a 90 minute Initial Consultation.


Text: 858-248-5343


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