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Nutrition services are prohibited in some states.  Please read our full policies here


At Happy Hormones, our practice is based on the philosophy that if you give the body what it needs, it will heal itself. Food and therapeutic nutrients are used as the base of practice to restore balance to the body.  The body has the amazing power to restore itself once harmful factors are removed, and critical nutrients are replenished.  Functional testing is used as a critical guide to understanding your biochemistry and what nutrients you need because no one diet or supplement strategy fits everyone.  You cannot change what you do not measure. 

Happy Hormones is not a medical provider and does not offer treatments, diagnoses, or cures for any specific disease or illness.  Functional testing is also not diagnostic.  Every client is encouraged to maintain a relationship with a licensed medical provider throughout the course of working with Happy Hormones in order to make an informed decision about your heath.

We believe the root cause goes many layers deepand true health is more of a marathon than a sprint.  For example, we cannot best balance female hormones, without first addressing gut health, nutrition status, blood sugar regulation, inflammation, and others.  You can't build a house on sinking sand!  It's imperative to start with the basics for lasting results and incorporate functional testing to uncover underlying factors and generate targeted strategies. 


Seeing changes in holistic health is much different than the allopathic approach, where taking a medication will yield faster results.  Changes are slower and depend on your level of commitment to implementing recommended diet and lifestyle changes.  Reaching your goals requires planning, discipline, and a true commitment to change.  You cannot fix a problem by continuing the same path. 

Normally, a typical scenario in working together involves an initial consultation to review your health history, current diet and lifestyle, and past labs.  We determine the missing holes, and what functional lab tests would be best to uncover your nutritional needs.   Labs usually take 3-4 weeks for results to come in.  The second meeting involves a review of your labs and receiving customized diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations based on your unique biochemistry.  Changes usually take a minimum of 4 months.  Should you require counseling to implement your recommendations or help with habit changes, thought-process changes, social-emotional issues, or recipe creation, we have a list of referrals available to you.  A follow-up meeting 4-5 months later will assess progress, and labs will be re-ordered to evaluate biochemical changes.

At Happy Hormones we want our work together to be successful, thus we only take new clients that meet the following criteria:

1. You are fully ready to adapt and embrace recommended diet and lifestyle changes
2. You are willing to incorporate supplement recommendations to facilitate biochemical changes in the body
3. You are willing to utilize functional testing as a means to determine the appropriate diet and supplements that your body needs

Because our practice is based on the philosophies of holistic nutrition, these three criteria are imperative for you to be successful in working with us.  If you are not quite ready, that's ok too - we will be here when you are!  In the meantime, please see our LEARN page for additional resources to start your journey.


Services hired by Happy Hormones, including all functional testing, are outside the scope of standard insurance practices and thus are cash pay only.  Services provided are not reimbursable by insurance carriers, and we do not issue superbills with insurance codes.  Payment is required at the time of appointment booking to hold your appointment time.  Cancellation is required 48 hours in advance or there will be a $50 cancellation fee.  For functional testing, we seek contracted rates and can often pass along pricing to you that is below standard retail offered on self-pay sites.  Payment for testing must be received before any test is ordered.  Once test kits are ordered and mailed, the testing becomes non-refundable.

Initial Appointment with Follow-Up Lab Review - $499

Follow-Up Appointments:
   - 30 Minute Check-In: $135
   - 60 Minute Intensive (required if there are any new lab results to review): $150 

All clients receive access to discounted supplements at 20-25% off retail via FullScript.  


Not Ready Yet? Here's some DIY options:

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